Commonly Asked Questions

We are always here to help and answer all your queries that come within the purview of our professional knowledge. Here in we are putting some of the most commonly asked questions for your convenience.

NEEM Scheme, better known as national employability enhancement scheme, is a flagship scheme and pioneer initiative undertaken by government of India in collaboration with AICTE. This program provides skills development training avenues for youth of India. The scheme lays special emphasis on training the underprivileged sections of the society.

Any Indian citizen who satisfies the norms of NEEM Scheme for gaining training under it is deemed to be a NEEM Trainee. For more information please visit : https://clrskills.com/blog/information-for-becoming-neem-trainee-neem-scheme/

We are glad that you asked ! As a registered NEEM Agent we are authorized to provide your industry with NEEM Trainees. Creating a skills development program that would address your immediate skill shortage requirements  is what NEEM Scheme is all about. We can discuss your issue and provide apprentices that would help you rapidly up scale your skills.Give us a call to know more. Visit : https://clrskills.com/contact-us/

Now, this is the question that we are asked through web searches quite often. To clarify, NEEM Salary does not exist, the trainees are compensated in form of monthly stipend which has to be legally equal to daily wages of an unskilled labor.

Please contact AICTE for the same.

No, Getting training under NEEM Scheme does not guarantee employment nor the company conducting the training program is bound to offer any employment to the NEEM Trainee.

As a NEEM trainee you stand to gain a lot. Firstly you work in a very professional environment from day one. Secondly, you get all the expensive training free of cost, also you get paid a good stipend while your are learning. So, this makes an excellent learn and earn program. After completion of the program your chances of getting employment are drastically increased.

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