Skill Development: A Way to Economic Growth of the Nation

Skill development is an essential instrument for social development as well as economic growth of any country. This demographic change of our country has made it imperative for ensuring employment opportunities for over 12 million young individuals who enter the workforce every year. It has been accounted that during the 7-year period ranging between 2005 and 2012. To enhance employability, the youth needs to be equipped with adequate skills and competence.

The Current Situation of the Economy:
Our nation is currently facing the dual challenge of severe inadequacy of high quality and trained labor. The skill development problem in India is quite relevant both in the demand and supply level. When it comes to sidelining this challenge with respect to demand, persistent efforts have been put to expand improving economic activities while creating a large scope for employment. On the other hand, considering the problems on the supply side, it is crucial to consider the projected population as it offers enough reason to depend on them and cater to the rising demand.

But the real issue is that the employability quotient is under question mark and poses as a prime area of concern. There is already a big gap between the requirements of the industry and skill of workers. Various reasons can be cited for this which include poor standards, limited interfaces of the industry, poor infrastructure for training, an improper blend of skills and education and many others.

Developing the Skill of the Indian Youth:
It was June 2014 when Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi announced the creation of the first ministry which would be entirely dealing with the development of skills and entrepreneurship in the country. It has been conceived in such a manner so that it can encompass every separate ministry so that they can work in a unified manner while coordinating as well as streamlining the functions of various organizations that work for skill development.

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has been entrusted to prepare a wide range of policies for the skill development of various ministries and also NSDC. Some of the most important goals of this sector is to certify various skills, conduct market research, design curriculum, encourage learning and entrepreneurship and also design policies to boost the soft skills among young individuals.

The NEEM Scheme Serves to be a Savior:
The National Employability Enhancement Mission or NEEM is one such endeavor taken by the Human Resource Development Ministry to improve the scope of on-job practical training. This particular initiative is developed on the basis of learn and earn project which is prevalent in a number of first world countries such as Japan and Germany.

The apprentices of the NEEM scheme are likely to have a scope to undergo the ‘on the job’ training that allows an understanding and assessment of the course and the kind of work they will have to handle when employed. This is definitely one of the best ways to transform the Indian human capital so that their talent can be used for making India globally employable.

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