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Production Efficiency Hike from 83% to 92%, that’s the magic of NEEM Scheme. This pioneering government of India scheme has given my company the confidence it needs to face the global competition.

Welcome to CLR Skills Training Foundation

A Registered NEEM Agent

We are fully equipped to handle all your skills development needs. Our domain expertise is to provide industries across the country with NEEM Trainees utilizing the provisions of NEEM Scheme as laid down by the government.

India is home to a youthful workforce. We have no dearth of manpower. Where we lack is in having the skilled manpower. The unskilled workforce is a serious issue which hampers our national growth. We have the quantity but lack quality. What If, this quantity can be converted into quality. That too with complete corporate appeasement.

The government of India understood the issue of unskilled manpower a long time ago. It has come up with some of the most promising programs for converting the raw youth energy to skilled excellence. NEEM Scheme is one of the schemes launched by the government of India in association with AICTE, which enables the Industries to develop the skilled manpower as per their requirements. NEEM Scheme embraces the globally acclaimed and endorsed concept of on the job training. NEEM Scheme provides OJT avenues for individuals who are pursuing graduation or have discontinued or completed a diploma or graduation in any technical or non-technical field. This makes NEEM scheme very flexible and hence covering a very large section of unskilled and unemployed youth,

CLR Skills acting as a registered NEEM Agent is bridging the gap between the unskilled youth and the skills development requirements of the Industry. As a NEEM Trainee, the youth gets an opportunity to learn and acquire new skills and traits which enables them to become a better professional and enhance their career horizons.

Main Features of NEEM Scheme

  • NEEM Scheme provides OJT opportunity to individuals aged 18-35
  • The Scheme allows the NEEM agent to take care of legal/HR formalities, the industry need not worry about the same
  • There is a huge spectrum of Industries that can avail services of a NEEM Agent
  • NEEM Trainees under NEEM Scheme get a stipend that is equal to the minimum wages of the unskilled labor without any deductions
  • The hiring industries must comply with working, health and other requirements as set in the scheme
  • A neem trainee does not have a right to employment after completion of the training in the company
  • Duration of OJT under NEEM Scheme can be up to 3 years

Benefits to Industry

  • Improves competence & efficiency of the organization
  • Part of CSR Activity (contributing in the Nation-building through creating a skilled manpower)
  • Equal opportunity for constructive education to the underprivileged sector
  • Opportunity to develop your own Skilled Manpower according to your requirements & work culture
  • Clear Legal Structure to take candidates. Train them according to your requirement with no obligation to hire
  • Develop a hierarchy of hiring from the bottom
  • One stop solution for all national compliance
  • CLR Skills being a responsible NEEM Agent filters the right candidates for you
  • CLR Skills takes care of all legal formalities

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What role does Industry Play in NEEM Scheme?

NEEM Scheme is the pioneering initiative taken by the government of India and AICTE for skills development.

The primary role of any industry involved with NEEM Scheme is generating jobs. They have to pay the trainees a prefixed stipend and bear the expenses of classroom training and any other relevant expenses of the trainees. The industry or the company will be responsible for the health, safety and ensure that they are really learning the skills as promised. The industry has to provide classroom training to trainees in its premises. Provide regular reviews and feedback to the NEEM Agent so that a better learning environment is created.

How can CLR Skills Training Foundation as a NEEM Agent help you?

  • Hunts for candidates from around the nation to become listed on this program
  • Filters students for suitability of the program
  • Register Students as NEEM Trainee
  • Help trainees adjust to the industrial work norms and culture
  • Disburse stipend on time and manage internal accounts
  • Providing academic inputs for framing a better training program

CLR Skills Training Foundation is an end to end NEEM Scheme facilitator. We provide consultative services to our clients. We understand your needs and requirements. It’s our job to provide you with NEEM trainees that you can efficiently use and gain maximum benefit from NEEM Scheme.

CLR Skills Training Foundation knows the true value of skills development. We know how crucial it is for your manufacturing and other operations. That’s why we go that extra mile to provide you with the best manpower. Please connect with us now to know more. May be there is a perfect business synergy waiting to happen. Our professional consultants are just a call away.

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